Things a first year engineering student should know

After getting admission in an engineering college, student’s main focus is placement. Training and placement officers start interacting with top IT officials for placement issues. Nobody care that there are other important things for students. Today we are pointing out important questions below:

Is student should be fluent in English?

English is the most important language in this era of modernization; it does not matter to which background you belong to. English should be your first language. It is very crucial for them to enter into job market. Many intelligent students rejected by top companies during interviews just because of inappropriate English skills. When people from different countries meet, their medium of communication is also English. English is a key for everyone to explore and learn new things in this world.

In Government sector, many engineers are doing exceptionally well with little knowledge of English.

How can you build your Communication skills?

Engineering colleges have added communication skill as a subject. They emphasize presentation, seminars, group discussion and other speaking activities. Professionals are also hired by colleges to help students with

group discussion and personal interview preparation. There should be a language lab in colleges that train students in spoken English.

A poor communication skill hampers one’s growth prospects. There are so many top engineering colleges in Delhi ncr, Haryana and employers are MNCs, there is a sharp rise in demand to improve English language skills.

It is rare that students get selected who give their entire job interview in Hindi Language so first year is the right time to hone English writing and communication skills if you started yet.

Before getting admission in any college it is necessary to know the facilities provided by the college in terms of curriculum. Gateway Institute of engineering, the best engineering college in Delhi ncr, Haryana provides free counselling to students seeking admission in  top engineering colleges.


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