10 Tips to become a successful Engineer


Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology, the top engineering college in Sonipat-Ncr Delhi has sorted out things which engineering students can do to accelerate their career success. These are the tips to undergraduate engineering students. I hope you will get benefit from it.

  1. Seek people inspires you:First, find out the people, who inspire you, you like their work and how they make it possible. If you love Microsoft products, Bill Gates may be your ideal. Now a day, you can find a lot of information about these eminent personalities-try to find out their attitude, discipline, interest and ways they adopt to complete their interests.
  2. Portfolio of Projects: You need to participate in workshops, experimental learning opportunities as you can learn more and apply your knowledge you gain in your theoretical classes. It will be an extra advantage for you in interviews because other students will only be able to list their courses.
  3. The third thing is networking: When you are going to be a leader it is important that you should have a network of your domain. It is worthy to attend lectures on your campus and introduce yourself to your seniors and school’s alumni association.
  4. Most important tip: Social networking is excellent to get connect with seniors, friends but face to face interaction has no substitute, so if you find any way to meet a person, that’s always the best.
  5. Team Work: Whether it’s creating a robot or participating in a drama, playing a sport, writing for the college magazine, get involved in a team that requires a team effort to produce great results. Make sure you work in teams, and the skills developed by you in college will help prepare you to lead teams when you become a manager.
  6. Show your leadership skills: You are always a leader, whether you area manager or a team member. Show your intuitive skills and make decisions which let you recognized in your team. If you learn how to recognize and deal with various leadership styles from any position in a team, you’ll be seen as a leader when you take on your first job or internship.
  7. Find your flaws: Everyone is a human being and have flaws. So leadership needs constant improvement. Try to get feedback from other people, team lead and professors.
  8. Take a business class: It’s not enough for an engineer to be technically excellent; there are other things of which an engineer should be aware of, like an income statement, understand organization charts, know how to negotiate contracts, and other functions that every engineer should know. Otherwise, you cannot know how to deal with an accountant or lawyer. Two-three classes will be sufficient for you.
  9. Take humanities classes: There’s a wide world out there beyond technical knowledge. You should take a design course so that you can represent your ideas graphically. You need to understand how people interpret the world and understand it. Attend literature classes to develop your writing and communication skills.
  10. Learn foreign Language: In business, you need to communicate effectively across international borders and so develop proficiency in other languages. You should meet students from other countries. You should start globalization at root level.
  11. Summer Internships: Companies emphasize on practical experience. You need to find internship opportunities actively and in your college career. Evolve leadership experiences and build your portfolio according to them. Students who show more intensity in learning new things in their first year are viewed more seriously by recruiters.

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