Advantages of doing Mechanical Engineering

Availability of Job

Probably the greatest reason to be a mechanical engineer is the fact that you are relevant in almost ALL companies.  Automakers, computer companies, plane manufactures, building design, weapon design, management, and countless other employers are interested in hiring mechanical engineers.  For instance, Texas A&M mechanical engineering graduate Khalid A. Al-Falih, was appointed president and CEO of Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company.  No other major is more versatile than mechanical engineering.  There are so many job opportunities and the greatest thing is, its all up to you!  This also leads to enormous job satisfaction.  And who doesn’t wanna get paid doing what they enjoy?

Good sum of Money

Let’s face it.  The main reason you’re working your ass off in college is to make good money later on.  Well, mechanical engineers have it great when it comes to starting income.  The average starting salary of a mechanical engineer with a bachelor’s degree is around $54,128.  That certainly isn’t pocket change.  If you earn your master’s, you can expect around $62,978 starting salary.  And for you crazy people with your doctorate’s, expect to be well-off once you graduate with a starting salary of around $72,763.  While having satisfaction with your career is great, being paid good money for doing it makes it oh so much sweeter.

Make human life easy

If you’re preparing to become a mechanical engineer, you probably can’t wait to begin designing awesome products.  Mechanical engineers, among other forms of engineering, are at the forefront of creating products that once seemed only possible in Star Trek or other futuristic settings.  Just think about it.  Within the last 10 years, our technology has advanced exponentially.  We have touchscreen devices, personal supercomputers, online social networks, electric cars, and nanotechnology (though still in its infancy).  Mechanical engineers were involved in each of those innovations.  Imagine being part of a team that designs the first teleporter (one can dream).  Imagine discovering a new way to harness energy.  Imagine creating a personal consumer spacecraft.  The only limitation is your imagination.

Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology is the best engineering college in Haryana having mechanical engineering as core branch. Its Lab is well equipped with modern machines and tools.


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