Why to do Computer Science and Engineering?

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CSE means Computer Science and Engineering is the driving force of technological advancement in medical science, space research and automobile etc. With the use of current technology, we can explore new gates of development. It is clear to you how the lives of people are shaping with the use of advance technology.

If you are interested in solving complex problems and to come up with new solutions then it is the right branch for you. Indian IT sector has plenty of jobs for youth. Students from top engineering colleges like Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology get handsome job offers from Multi National IT Companies. I am going to mention few ones such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Oracle, Cisco, Infosys, TCS, and Wipro. It will increase blood circulation in your nerves. Anyway, you can start your career as a software engineer and can advance to upper levels with your potential. After experience of one year you can easily switch to other companies for high salary packages.There will be opportunities for you to apply in foreign companies. There are various fields in which you can work like designing, development, testing etc.

Mathematics is the most important subject for engineering. Now your next question will be why?

Mathematics is a logical subject and you use it to solve complex problems and in every sphere of engineering you are going to use logical reasoning. So, after 12th standard, you need to go for JEE Main exam and try to score good marks to get admission in top institute. Diploma candidate can also take admission in B.Tech 2nd year as lateral entry. Every state has their common entrance exams also. So, be positive. After doing graduation you can also opt for higher studies depending on your interest level. Courses like M.E, MS or M.Tech in computer Science for specialization will be available to you. Every best college in Haryana Delhi Ncr such as Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology offer both graduate and post graduate courses.

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In the first year of course, subjects include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Engineering Drawing. After the first year students start studying core computer science subjects like C programming, Data Structure, Discrete Mathematics, Networking and Database programming.

You will get designation as

  • Software Developer,
  • Hardware Engineer,
  • System Designer,
  • System Analyst,
  • Networking Engineers,
  • DBA,
  • Software Testing,
  • Security analyst

End Tips:

If you are thinking to be a successful Engineer then you need to develop rational thinking. You need analyze your way of working and start to view it like client. You should develop aptitude to solve complex problems.

About the Author:

Aashish Dahiya writes on behalf of Gateway Institute of Engineering and technology recognized as one of the top engineering college in Sonipat, Haryana.


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