Method’s To Remember Lessons


1.Full Concentration Concentrate on the lesson content while learning. Do not allow your mind to wander. Focus on names and numbers. Try deliberately to remember. Your approach should not be casual. Review soon after you learn, lest memory should fade away.

2.logical Organisation Matter that is logically organized is retained better than disjointed floating bits of information. Infuse meaning into whatever you learn. No ‘ nonsense syllables in best engineering colleges in haryana.

3. Pegging The involves the principle of association. First make a list of ten or twenty convenient pegs or key words that you can easily recall in the right sequence. For example, ant, butterfly ,cat , dog, elephant, fox, giraffe, hyena and so on. Living beings are listed alphabetically. If you want to remember nine things in a particular order imagine funny pictures of each one of them with the first nine pegs you have fixed in your minds in top engineering colleges in delhi ncr.

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