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schoolEstablished in the year 2006, Gateway International School is one of the premier Educational Institutions of great repute in the region of Sonipat, Delhi NCR. A step into Gateway promises an awe inspiring, serene and student friendly environment seeped in with rich Indian values and ethos. The welcoming threshold of this International Institution envelops every tender mind to ultimately take shape as future global citizens with holistic personality, high ethical values and a mind with a technological edge to meet the challenges of the fast paced, ever evolving society. That’s why, it is one of the top schools in Delhi NCR, Haryana.

Facility in Gateway International School:

  1. Highly Qualified, Experienced and Talented faculty in Gateway International School
  2. Ultra modern air conditioned computer centre with all essential Licensed Software.
  3. Excellent supporting infrastructure comprising of Dining facilities, Healthcare centre, Media centre and student cafeteria
  4. AC classrooms equipped with latest teaching aids like OHD and LCD Projectors
  5. Swimming Pool of 25m. length with filtration plant
  6. Football ground, Basketball court, volleyball ground and Cricket ground
  7. The Massive Yoga Room is the temple of purity and give sufficient space and chance to all who are willing to take up this traditional way to good health.
  8. Transport facilities
  9. Language Lab
  10. Well developed PCB lab
  11. CAD/CAM Centre
  12. Modern Cafeteria
  13. Hostels for Boys and Girls
  14. Location: Gateway International School is strategically situated away from the maddening crowd of Delhi yet near enough to avail the advantages of the National Capital Region. GIS is ensconced in the heart of nature. It is aesthetically speared over a 15 acre lush green, well landscaped campus providing ideal surrounding to stimulate receptive minds and foster the pursuance of its environmental activities.

Infrastructure: The exuberant and elaborate infrastructure is clearly split into three floors of academic and non academic blocks which can comfortably accommodate a large number of students. The entire building in centrally air conditioned and well lit. Separate rooms are provided for co-curricular activities. There is a 24 hours CCTV surveillance enabling a constant check on the activities of the campus. There is a 100% electricity and RO water back up making it congenial and comfortable of the students.

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How do Sample Papers Help Your Preparation?



When exams are round the corner, every student gets perplexed as to where to study from and what to study! Whether be it the last few days before the main exam or a jolly long period of time before the test, practice papers or sample papers are the best way to try your hands on some real questions that might pop up in the exam. Once you start a mock test, you get to know the actual place where you stand! After hours of mugging up and practicing, jotting down notes and making diagrams, move on to something that will tell you how much you’ve retained in best engineering college in Delhi NCR.

Whether you are preparing for any competitive examination, your boards or a semester exam, you must turn to sample papers or the papers of the previous years. They can provide you with tons of help. Here are a few factors that might come handy before you start your preparations:


  • Practice:time-management

Practice can prove to be the key to your success. With more and more of exercising, you can turn into a perfectionist at a topic. When we keep on practicing a certain subject, we come to know about the details in it, which can lead us towards getting some extra marks. It helps us to find out our little and silly mistakes which can wreck our paper if avoided. After all, ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’

  • Time Management

Managing your time or utilizing it in an efficient manner is a must for achieving good marks. Your success depends on your time management. Spending required time on each subject is very essential, because all subjects are equally important and have a vital role in our curriculum.  Results of the practice papers can tell you how well you have managed your time and which topics require more time.

  • Self Analysis

Through sample papers, you get to analyze how much knowledge you have grasped. You get a reality check of your current situation, and can infer the level of your preparation from your self analysis.

  • Extra Points to remember

By going through sample papers, you can derive out some extra information which can enrich your answers. While solving the sample papers, some little points come to our notice which can be used later during the time of the examination.

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How to answer tough job interview questions?


Job interviews are always nerve wrecking! Being an interviewee, there might be an ocean of questions flowing at the back of your head. A decent job interview grills all the aspects of your personality and gets the best out of it. Interviewers are generally experienced and smart people who can throw some greatly challenging questions to the table. But all that said, if you are well practiced in advanced you can do really well in front of the panel. You are judged entirely upon your abilities and on-the-spot performance, so there wouldn’t be any harm in brushing up some of your interview skills beforehand.


It is advisable to be prepared beforehand. Try to practice a lot of questions in advance, but at the same time make sure that you do not overdo it in order to make it appear all mugged up. You should have a thorough knowledge about the company you will be sitting for. Get to know a little about the kind of role you will be supposed to play if you end up getting a job letter.

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Reasons: Why Should You Read To Your Child Every Day


Parents are responsible for teaching their children important lessons of life. The child’s mind is like wet clay: whatever he or she hears and sees leaves a lasting impression. They are innocent, sensitive, and need lots of affection! You can place them in your lap and teach them values; try to talk to them instead of instructing them. As parents you need to spend quality time with them and also follow the same rules you are teaching your child if you want them to listen to you. Before giving final kiss to your kids, there’s one more thing you need to do: read a bedtime story in best school in Delhi ncr. Reading a bedtime story is a little like putting money into the bank and watching it grow. Here are five reasons you should be reading a story to your little one before turning out the light.

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Most Important Skills Required of an Engineer


Skill 1 : Knowledge Of The Core Subject

The most basic ingredient that identifies you as an engineer is the knowledge in your field of study. A Mechanical Engineer, for example, needs to know the basics of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Machine Design, Manufacturing Processes, CAD/CAE, etc. An awareness of the latest technological developments in your own field of study, like 3D printing & Alternative Energy techniques for Mechanical Engineers, will build your identity as an engineer further. We suggest you to be updated on the developments in your field of engineering, irrespective of the career you choose.

Skill 2 : Application Of The Knowledge

Good grades on your graduation certificate are a reflection of your (curriculum-based) core knowledge, howsoever vague. In spite of that, why do you think the correlation between job opportunities and grades is very less? It is because of the fact that a good knowledge on any subject does not warrant the ability to apply it to solve real-time problems in Top best engineering college in Delhi ncr. Employers are keen for engineers, who prove that they can call upon the relevant skills as and when required. We strongly recommend you to start developing projects “that work” to make your application skills evident.

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ECE Department Organized An Activity An Technovation.

ECE department organized an activity on technovation in which students presented their power point presentation on technical topics like COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, USB , OLED, CCTV and BIOMETRIC. The criteria for judgement was content, communication skill, knowledge of the topic and confidence level of a student. Sonal, Ekta Dahiya and Prakhar got first,second and third position respectively.

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